The cost of working with a child custody lawyer will vary.

Hiring a child custody lawyer can be expensive and difficult. The care of your children, who will help pay for their expenses and your level of involvement in their lives and in decisions that will impact them will be determined by the courts.

In general, the cost of a custody case has a lot to do with whether the children’s parents can agree. When parents are willing to work together and compromise, a custody agreement will cost less. There are fewer filings and most of the important points can be worked out without a great deal of back and forth between attorneys.

The bulk of money spent on a case are on attorneys fees and court costs.

Court costs consist of the assorted administrative and filing fees that the court will charge. Sometimes parents who have lower or limited income can apply to the court for a waiver of or a reduction in these costs. The courts costs and whether you can apply for a reduction or waiver can typically be found on the local Family Court’s website, or if a website is not maintained by calling or visiting the courthouse and asking for more information.

Attorneys fees differ in pricing and arrangement.

Many attorneys charge primarily by the hour, ranging anywhere from $75 – $400 per hour. Prior to starting work, they will require a retainer in order to begin working. If you have questions about how that retainer is being used, your attorney will provide you with a detail outlining their time and how it was spent working on your case including (but not limited to) pleadings to be filed at court, to discovery or information gathering to support you case and conversations that you have had about your case.

Affordable family attorneys helps lower the fees you’ll pay to a child custody lawyer.

We locate family lawyers who agree to handle your case at our special pricing. Our flat fees cover court appearances, document preparation and phone calls/email communication. This fee schedule can also be impacted if the custody case is highly contested and the child’s parents cannot agree on important parts of their custody agreement. In most cases, attorneys who agree to use our fee schedule will only collect money to cover your court date and any documents they will prepare and file at that time or in preparation for your case.

*Affordable Family Attorneys is a legal matching service specializing in affordable, flat fee and reduced rate pricing. We are not a law firm. We do not offer legal advice. All network attorneys are independent contractors who agree to offer AFA members special pricing based on member contracts and/or pricing quoted at the time services are agreed to. All pricing quotes are dependent on information provided by the member, and pricing may change if member omits information which changes the scope of representation. Affordable Family Attorneys makes no guarantees regarding case outcome.