Divorce and the Legal System

A Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage.

The termination of a marriage requires a petition or complaint for divorce or dissolution of marriage filed by one party.

Some states still require at least a minimal showing of fault to proceed. No-fault divorce is now the rule in which ‘incompatibility’ is enough reason to dissolve a marriage. The complicating issues are division of property, child custody and support, alimony (spousal support), child visitation and attorney’s fees. State courts have jurisdiction over divorces. The party who is filing can only do so in the state they live in. Residency requirements, or the amount of time they’ve lived in that area will vary.

In most states the period from filing to terminate a marriage, serving the petition and final judgment (or decree) takes several months. This is to allow both parties the chance to consider continuing in their marriage.(The People’s Law Dictionary by Gerald and Kathleen Hill,2009)

Sometimes couples will opt for Legal Separation prior to divorce. This helps to clear up concerns about visitation and the division of assets while the parties live separately.

Reasons for divorce vary.

No matter the reason you’re getting a divorce, it’s complicated and costly. If you share assets or children, it is even more so. There are many uncontested options out there. If uncontested options don’t apply to you, we might be able to help. Affordable Family Attorneys has a network of lawyers who can guide you through the difficult and upsetting process of ending your marriage. Our approach can save you money when compared to hiring and retaining an attorney independently. Lawyers who work with Affordable Family Attorneys agree to our unique flat fee pricing so you have a better idea how much each filing and court hearing will cost.

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