What can you expect in Texas Family Court when seeking custody of a minor child?

The outline of the state of Texas colored with the state flagHaving a Family Lawyer to represent you in court is important.

Equally important is how a party dresses and acts when they are in court, and when they talk about their case with the parties involved. That includes the judge, the lawyers and anyone else who is an interested party in that case.

It’s important to prepare before you attend court. Family Courts often hear many cases on the same day, so the time a party has to make their case is limited. Don’t be afraid to ask your Family Attorney to explain their thinking if they do not agree with your ideas or suggest there are steps involved that will strengthen your case.

Texas uses the term “Conservatorship” to describe what most of us refer to as “Custody“.

Conservatorship is the rights and duties of parents in raising their children.

The state of Texas generally sees joint managing conservatorship (or joint custody) as being in the best interests of more children and families. This is not a guarantee; the court will consider many facotrs before deciding what is best for the child or children in each case.

“When a parent wants to establish conservatorship the parent has the right to file a lawsuit called a Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship or a Suit to Establish the Parent Child Relationship. The lawsuit will ask the court to decide issues of parentage, conservatorship, visitation and child support.”

For more information, please visit: What to Expect in Texas Family Law Court – TYLA.org


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