Fathers have rights too.

Father’s rights as a movement

Attention to the rights of men have been gaining momentum in family law proceedings. Financial support is not the only thing that you provide your children.The fathers’ rights movement exists almost exclusively in industrialized countries, where divorce has become more common. It emerged in the West in the 1960’s as part of the men’s movement. In the late twentieth century, the growth of the internet permitted wider discussion, publicity for issues of interest to activists that care about the rights of dads. Factors thought to contribute to the development of the rights movement include shifting household demographics brought about by rising divorce and falling marriage rates. Changes in the understanding and expectations of fatherhood, motherhood and childhood are also factors supporting the rights of dads.

Members of the fathers’ rights movement assert that fathers are discriminated against as a result of gender bias in family law.

Fathers should be able to spend time with their children and be involved in the decisions affecting them. The opinion is that custody decisions have been a denial of equal rights. There are some who feel that the influence of money has corrupted family law. The movement’s primary focus has been to campaign for formal legal rights for fathers, and sometimes for children, and to campaign for changes to family law related to child custody, support and maintenance, domestic violence and the family court system itself. Fathers’ rights groups also provide emotional and practical support for members during separation and divorce. Many times, fathers are not aware of their rights or how to ensure they have the most involvement with their children’s lives. The attorneys in our network can help you determine what you can do to increase your time and influence over decisions that impact your children’s lives.

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